The Best Longwear Makeup For Your Halloween Beauty Look

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The perfect costume isn’t complete without the perfect makeup to go with it.

While a creative costume is the main focus of Halloween, spooky and/or spectacular makeup is taking center stage now more than ever. Cosmetics can turn anyone into the skeleton, mermaid, or comic book superhero of their dreams, but traditional Halloween makeup (think: clown paint) can be messy and is often tossed out after the ghoulish holiday has passed. It doesn’t need to be that way though. There are likely products lurking in your vanity and there are definitely plenty in the aisles of your favorite beauty retailer that can get you through Halloween and beyond.

Regardless of what you are dressing up as or what the night has in store (trick-or-treating, haunted house visit, bar crawl), your makeup look needs to last. To help you find the products that will linger long after you win best costume (or, at the very least, best makeup) and be useful all year round, we’re rounding up some scary good makeup picks for face, eyes, and lips — plus the cleansers that will help you wash it all away.


For Taking It All Off

You survived the spookiest night of the year. To avoid a complexion nightmare for days to come, you’re going to want to make sure you properly cleanse your face. These potions are strong enough to remove even the most budge-proof formulas without stripping or drying out your skin.



If you have the time (or energy) to apply a mask after taking off your makeup, this bubbly sheet fizzes on contact for a detoxifying clean that will undo any of the night’s skin sins. $15,