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45 Cult-Favorite Beauty Products Under $20 That Work So Freaking Well

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Over the years, it seems that more and more beauty products have been awarded “cult-favorite” status — and usually, said status comes accompanied by a sky-high price tag. So while there’s no shortage of popular beauty products to choose from, finding cult-favorite products that are affordable and effective is a much more difficult task. It’s not impossible, though, as evidenced by these 45 cult-favorite beauty products under $20 that work so freaking well. From makeup to skin care to hair care, the products on this list have all garnered devoted fan followings thanks to the brilliant way they combine performance, ingenuity, and affordability.

But how, you might be wondering, does one measure cult-favorite status? Well, all of the products on this list boast thousands of reviews on Amazon, but they’re also favorites of makeup artists, YouTube vloggers, skin care Redditors, and more. Others have gone viral on social media at some point or another, and some are personal favorites of The Zoe Report’s very own editors. And yes, everything on this list truly rings up at less than $20 on Amazon — which means no outrageous shipping fees, either.


(9) A 10-Pack Of Sheet Masks From One Of Korea’s Most Popular Brands

Mediheal N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Mask (10-pack)

The ingredients list for these Mediheal sheet masks is basically a who’s-who of firming, hydrating, and toning ingredients, all delivered via a plush but grippy cotton mask that doesn’t annoyingly slip off your face. The thirst-quenching serum feels especially satisfying on dry and dehydrated skin, or as a cooling salve on sensitized skin, like after getting too much sun or doing an intensive exfoliating treatment.