The Story of Mediheal

Beyond the Mask

In 10 years, MEDIHEAL grew from a novel concept to a fully-established global beauty brand in its pursuit of one goal: to create affordable everyday sheet masks that easily treat all your skincare needs at once. Here’s how we did it.



MEDIHEAL proudly takes an active part in global sports. For the first time as a Korean beauty brand, L&P Cosmetic sponsored the ‘LPGA MEDIHEAL...

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MEDIHEAL takes a scientific approach to beauty, working with top dermatologists, scientists, and aestheticians to create highly effective all-in-o...

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MEDIHEAL’s dedication to creating high-quality skincare doesn’t end with its formulas. Because manufacturing serums, sheet materials, and packagin...

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MEDIHEAL gets the very highest-grade natural & scientific ingredients and offers consumers premium-quality masks for an affordable price.

The MEDIHEAL Journey


- Exported 54 billion KRW to 6 countries


- Ranked as one of Korea's unicorn companies (a company with a valuation over 1 trillion won)
- Sponsored 2019 LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship
- Reached 1.6 billion in sheet mask sales
- Built a second logistics center Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province
- Signed an advertising deal with BTS
- Became subsponsor of LPGA golfer Lydia Ko


- Awarded the US$100 million export tower prize
- Established US incorporation
- Reached 1.4 billion in sheet mask sales
- Sponsored the '2018 LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship', becoming the first-ever Korean
- cosmetics brand to sponsor the LPGA
- Began selling at Selfridges in England


- Built and opened the brand-new
MEDIHEAL R&D center at L&P Cosmetic
- Awarded the consumer-selected 2017 Star Brand for the second year in a row
- Reached 1 billion in sheet mask sales
- Collaboration with BTS
- Established a branch office in Japan
- Created the MEDIHEAL golf team


- Awarded US$20 million export tower prize
- Awarded Korea’s presidential medal for Job Creation
- Voted ‘Korean Brand of the Year’ by Chinese consumers
- Established MEDIHEAL foundation and donated 12 billion won to Korea University


- Started selling at in-flight duty free (China Eastern, Southern Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines) and launched at Eastern China CJ Home Shopping
- Established incorporation in Shanghai, China
- Ranked as the top-selling sheet mask at Korean drug store OliveYoung (Q1 & Q2)
- Collaborated with Line Friends


- Awarded the US$3 million export tower prize and Korea’s presidential Industrial Service Medal
- Began selling at duty-free outlets in China, Singapore, and Japan


- Began selling at Costco in Korea
- Began exporting to the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Canada


- Established the L&P Design Lab
(Authorized by KIET)
- Launched MEDIHEAL


- 2 STEP Sheet mask was registered as utility model for the first time in the world


- Established L&P Cosmetic Inc.
- Began selling at Korean drug store OliveYoung and other pharmacies
- Began exporting to China and Hongkong


Established Wangsang Chemicals & launched ABOM, a men’s hair care and cosmetic brand

Mediheal on the press

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