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The 14 Best Korean Skincare Brands to Swear By

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Multi-step routines, coming right up.

The Korean skincare movement is booming, to say the least. In 2019 alone, the industry was worth $10.2 billion. Alicia Yoon, the South Korea-born founder of Korean Skincare brand Peach & Lily, knows a thing or two about the industry: “I started Peach & Lily to make Korean beauty practices, formulas, and ingredients more accessible to everyone globally," she explains of the company she founded in 2021. "After I saw my own eczema skin transform, I began giving facials and skin consultations to those struggling with their skin."

Now, the billion-dollar industry is that for a reason. K-beauty is all about skin-loving, inflammation-reducing ingredients like snail mucin, niacinamide, ginger, matcha, and more. For Yoon, “Korean beauty goes hand in hand with skin care knowledge and empowerment," she says. "I love to see people engaging on the level of skin histology, skincare ingredients, and identifying personalized ways to care for their skin.”

Korean skincare is here to stay—and we’re more than okay with that, because it’s not just a trend but a cherished way of caring for your skin. Even better news: K-beauty products are becoming more widely available by the day. We've tried hundreds of Korean skincare brands and products and we know there are still many more to try, but these 14 brands are the ones that make Marie Claire melt, peel, glow, and repair—in the best ways.



One of the vital steps in a Korean skincare routine is a serum-filled sheet mask. It’s also a beloved tool for self-care nights or watching The Bachelorette. Mediheal is the place to go for all things sheet masks, and has expanded into other skincare items as well. Founded in 2009, Mediheal actively works with scientists, dermatologists and other skin experts to make sure its products have the best and most updated ingredients.

MEDIHEAL Sheet Mask Heroes 6 Pack

If you’re ever not sure what type of face mask to get, just grab one from Mediheal. The trusted brand is always a safe bet. Their large inventory of sheet masks doesn't disappoint, with formulas for all skin types and ones that help with targeted concerns like acne, uneven texture, and enlarged pores.