8 Crazy Nights Of Beauty

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Sephora’s got advent calendars up the wazoo. So does Net-A-Porter, Saks, Bluemercury… But among all the punchable day-numbered countdown boxes, you know what you’ll find for the eight nights of Hanukkah? Bupkis! Not one beauty set! What gives, brands? It’s some major untapped gifting potential, especially considering the holiday lasts over a week and Christmas just one measly morning. While their gears and dreidels start spinning for next year, it’s not so hard to piece together your very own Hanukkah beauty extravaganza right now. The goal is eight bite-sized beauty products, one for each day. And any one gift shouldn’t break the bank—like that mythical oil that burned for eight straight nights, your budget’s got to streeeeeetch. Grab yourself a latke and a seat: here’s how we’re doling out our not-quite-chocolate coins.


A Skincare Activity: Mediheal NMF Masks 10 pack

One gift, ten masks, just barely $13. If you’re playing a numbers game, surely these sheet masks are the way to win. Mediheal is the go-to sheet mask brand in Korea, and their NMF range was developed by top dermatologists and aestheticians with dry, sensitized skin in mind. Great for any complexion in need of a quick pick-me-up. Just as great to have stockpiled for when winter face really starts to kick in.