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13 Best Travel-Size Beauty Products You Need in Your Carry-On Bag

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Whether you’re on the go for work, visiting your family for the holidays, or just like to have your whole beauty routine in your bag at all times, travel-size beauty products are super convenient. These adorable minis easily fit in your bag, saving you precious luggage space and most importantly, spare you from a time-consuming, sometimes embarrassing search at airport security.

Here at Teen Vogue, our editors have done their fair share of travel, and experienced all its ups and downs. So, over the years, we’ve been able to experiment and see just which beauty products have stood up to the test of travel. We’ve rounded up our favorite travel-size beauty products below, so you can travel comfortably (and moisturized) this season.


Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Mask

Slide one of these sheet masks for an easy way to soothe post-travel dryness, acne and fatigue. Plus, they're just $2 each. But, don’t just take it from us. Jimin of BTS also said this sheet mask is his absolute travel essential.