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Your Guide To Viral Korean Toner Pads & Their Skincare Benefits

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Chemical and physical exfoliation

Depending on the specific formula you choose, Korean toner pads typically offer gentle chemical exfoliants like polyhydroxy acids (PHAs). Since PHAs don't penetrate as deeply into the skin as traditional acids used for exfoliation, they're less likely to cause irritation than other exfoliating chemicals, according to Healthline. These PHAs whisk away dead skin cells and increase the rate of cell turnover to clear the way for newer, plumper skin.

Deep hydration

To achieve the best results, toning pads should ideally be used once you've cleansed your face but before you break out your serums. This will allow the pad's hydrating ingredients to be sealed into your skin and absorbed throughout the day.

If your skin is oily, you may wish to skip pads that offer hydration as their primary benefit and opt for one that targets oil control or blemishes instead. The customizable nature of Korean toner pads allows you to select one or more pads that are formulated for your skin type and its unique set of skincare challenges. If you happen to have combination skin, this might even look like using multiple pads on different areas at the same time. 

Mix and match

If your T-zone is persistently oily but your cheeks and chin tend to become dry, you can apply a tea-tree oil-based pad to the oil-challenged area. According to Healthline, tea tree oil can combat oil, inflammation, and acne. Then, Dermstore recommends trying a glacial water pad to the dry areas for gentle hydration. If the drier areas of your face are starting to show signs of aging, you have the option of applying a blemish-focused pad to your oily spots and an anti-aging collagen pad to your cheeks and undereye area.

Korean toner pads to try

The brand of Korean toner pads that's taken over TikTok is called Mediheal. It offers five varieties that target different skincare challenges: Watermide Toner Pads, Vitamide Brightening Pads, Teatree Trouble Pads, Phyto-Enzyme Peeling Pads, and Collagen Ampoule Pads. Each variety comes in a 100-pack that includes a pair of tweezers for easy separation and removal. However, these aren't the only Korean toner pads on the market.