While it can seem like the world of skin care tips, tricks and trends is never ending — especially on TikTok — we’re always in favor of simplifying and streamlining our beauty routine. So when a new trend makes waves on social media that seems effective, easy to incorporate and supported by experts like dermatologists and our favorite skin-fluencers, naturally we have to test it out for ourselves. Enter the latest K-beauty product taking the internet by storm: toner pads.

What are the benefits of using toner pads?

As pre-soaked pads that come infused with skin-enhancing ingredients, one of the most obvious benefits of toner pads is their convenience. “They’re an easy, mess-free application to get multiple key ingredients on the skin, such as gentle exfoliating acids and hydrating ingredients,” shares Dr. Teresa Song, board-certified dermatologist. Toner pads are also a great option for frequent travelers or those constantly on the go, since they’re a lot more TSA-friendly than carrying around a traditional liquid toner and separate cotton pads.
How do you use Korean toner pads?
You can let [the pads] sit on the skin for five to 15 minutes,” he explains, which works similar to a sheet mask to maximize the benefits of the product itself.

For dry skin and de-puffing
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