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The 10 Best Travel-Friendly Face and Body Masks, Gels, And Peels

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Face masks have come a long way since their origins in India, when they were used in Ayurvedic rituals 5,000 years ago. Because today, there’s formulas that address every skincare concern imaginable, from dullness to dryness. They also now come in various shapes to treat specific body parts, like your neck and feet. And if you’re someone who’s frequently on the road? There’s countless versions perfect for traveling, too.

Mediheal Golden Chip Acupoint Mask, $3.99

Here’s proof you don’t need to spend a small fortune to take excellent care of your skin. Because for around just $4, you can lend your complexion a spa-fresh glow with this best-selling Korean sheet mask. The mineralized stones stimulate facial acupoints, while superstar ingredient niacinamide improves texture and boosts moisture levels.