aespa Ningning Net Worth 2022: How Much Has She Earned Since Debut?

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Ning Yizhuo, commonly known by her stage name Ningning, attained global popularity after making her debut as the main vocalist and youngest member of SM Entertainment's fourth generation girl group, aespa, back in November 2020.

Despite Ningning having only been active as an idol for less than two years, she has already gained much prominence to earn herself the title as one of the leading fourth generation idols.

With her popularity that is only growing, just how much has the aespa member earned since her debut with the group? Is she the richest among her fellow members? Keep on reading to find out Ningning's net worth!

aespa Ningning Net Worth 2022

According to media outlet Korean Mag, the net worth of aespa's Chinese member Ningning is reportedly around $1.5 million USD, which can be considered an impressive net worth figuring given that aespa and Ningning have only been active in the entertainment industry for a little over a year.

With that net worth figure, is Ningning the richest member among her fellow members? Based on reports from the same media outlet, Ningning the currently the richest member of the group, with Winter coming in second at an estimated $1.2 million USD, followed by Giselle and Karina at $1 million USD.

With that, how did Ningning accumulate such a net worth figure?

How Did Ningning Accumulate Her Net Worth?

For Ningning, the majority of her net worth was earned through her promotions and activities as an aespa member.

In fact, prior to making her debut with the group, Ningning was already known to the public as she was introduced as one of the SM Rookies, allowing her to have a head start and gain a good amount of following from fans despite not having debuted yet.

As part of SM Rookies, she was able to gain experience in the industry by appearing on My SMT's "Rookies Princess: Who's the Best?" and recorded several covers for "Shining Star," a Korean animated TV program, in 2017.

With that, her debut with aespa had been highly-awaited and anticipated, especially as the group was the first girl group for SM Entertainment to debut since Red Velvet back in 2014. This also allowed for aespa to already establish a following as well.

With aespa's debut in November 2020 with their single "Black Mamba," they became one of the biggest and most successful debuts in 2020 and among fourth generation K-Pop groups. "Black Mamba" went on to land at No. 1 on domestic and international music charts.

The success of their debut allowed for them to also see success in TV broadcasts, endorsement deals, and eventually, their future music releases.

In 2021, aespa released "Next Level" and "Savage," with the former surpassing 100 million streams and was awarded a platinum certification by the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA), while "Savage" sold more than 500,000 album copies and earning them a double platinum certification.

Besides aespa's music releases, Ningning also landed endorsement deals with several brands as part of aespa, such as Mediheal, Acqua di Parma, Clio, Eider, KB Kookmin Bank, and Givenchy.

With aespa's continuous success, Ningning was able to earn this much since her debut.