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BTS Suga's Top Fan-Favorite Makeup Looks Revealed; Idol Not Fond Of Beauty Products?

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The BTS Rapper's Makeup Product Preferences

Wearing makeup and using other beauty products is very common among K-pop idols. The members of BTS are no exception, with some of them even loving cosmetics.

This cannot be said, though, for the group’s lead rapper, Suga. Although he wears and utilizes such products, there is very little information about how he feels toward makeup.

Despite this, he has achieved some of the looks that many fans and followers adore in recent times. Koreaboo previously listed some of them and provided some information about the matter.

BTS has tens of millions of fans and followers across the globe. With their global fame and success, it is not surprising why many are eager to know about their product preferences, including especially their beauty and makeup top picks.

Another beauty product that fans saw him use was a face mask. He, alongside his BTS co-rapper, J-Hope, once showed how they applied their Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX and Mediheal’s Airguard Foilab Mask.