Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day With These Sheet Masks

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With all of the hard work you do, it’s time to carve out the time for an at-home spa day. A sheet mask is a great way to unwind. And, it usually costs a fraction of a spa treatment.

A sheet mask is a face-shaped product that is saturated in serum or essence. It originated in South Korea.

“It is typically made from materials like cotton, hydrogel, or bio-cellulose, which adhere closely to the contours of the face,” board-certified dermatologist and research advisor at Gya Labs, Michele Green, told 21Ninety.

As you’re wearing a the K-beauty staple, you can lay back and take a quick nap, or read a chunk of your favorite book. The mask does the work for you in taking care of your skin.


Every sheet mask is formulated to address a particular skin concern. Some focus more on hydration, while others target dark spots. The range that sheet masks cover is vast. But, here are a few suggestions on what to look for based on your skin type. If you have normal skin, the sheet mask world is your oyster.

Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Sheet Mask



Mediheal’s Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Sheet Mask is a great option for sensitive, combination, and oily skin types. This sheet mask also addresses acne, too. 

Powered by tea tree oil, this skin balancing mask has no artificial fragrances and colors, nor does it have parabens, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil, silicones, or animal products.


Mediheal THE N.M.F Ampoule Mask

Mediheal’s THE N.M.F Ampoule Mask sends waves of moisture to dehydrated skin. N.M.F stands for New Moisture Factor.

This popular sheet mask has an ingredient list that includes skin-nourishing minerals, amino acids, and hyaluronic acids. The star is the brand’s patented Hydrodeeper complex that improves hydration and supports a healthy skin barrier.

That being said, normal to dry skin types can definitely benefit from these hydrating properties.