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This $10 Skin-Tightening Chin Mask Went Viral on TikTok & Sold Out 3 Times—Here’s Where to Buy It

Original AarticleThis $10 Skin-Tightening Chin Mask Went Viral on TikTok & Sold Out 3 Times—Here’s Where to Buy It

You may have seen a face spray that went viral on TikTok a few weeks ago, however, there’s a new beauty product that’s taking over the internet: a chin mask. Now, this doesn’t target the chin specifically, but it serves as a facelift for sagging skin under your chin and neck—ie. a double chin. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive cosmetic procedures, you may want to consider Mediheal’s V.T.R Stretching Patch for a similar effect at a fraction of the price.

Dermatologist and TikTok creator, @dr.zionkoposted a video about the new popular Korean skincare trend and it has garnered over four million views within the last month. In the caption, Dr. Ko says the results are temporary between three to five hours from her experience, but with consistency, you may see subtle yet noticeable improvements over time. 

The $10 mask has sold out three times at Amazon, but is finally back in stock. Shop it right this second at Amazon
or iHerb before it sells out again.

Made with active ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagenadenosine, and caffeine, this stretching patch works to lift the face and promote skin elasticity by providing tension to the skin. The mask stretches in both directions (the first of its kind) and loops around the ears to stay put on the face. Now, it’s not going to be the typical lightweight full-face mask that you’d use for self-care Sunday, but instead, you’ll feel a bit of pressure and tension on solely the lower half. It uses what’s known as the V.T.R. Method which means v-stretching with tightening and raising to sculpt the face and tighten the skin. 

For best results, the brand recommends wearing the mask two to three times per week for four weeks. There may be some tenderness around the ears at first, but you’ll adjust as time passes.

Looking to try it for yourself? The Mediheal V.T.R Stretching Patch is $9.95 at Amazon
and iHerb. Make sure to stock up before the mask sells out at other retailers too.