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The Exact Products Our Beauty Editor Uses Every Night

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The one person we are constantly going to for all our burning beauty questions (like, “do I really need a separate AM and PM routine? Answer: Yes.), is none other than PureWow’s beauty director, Jenny Jin. So in the name of glowing skin (and to satisfy our own shameless curiosity), we asked her to dish on her nightly skincare routine. Lucky for us, she was more than willing to share all her favorite products. Read on to see exactly what she does to prep for a night of beauty rest.



“Whenever I feel extra dry, extra puffy or extra sensitized, I plop one of these on my face. Fun fact: Mediheal is *the* bestselling sheet mask brand in Korea. I appreciate that they're extra juicy and fit my face better than most others. (And they have a special collaboration set with BTS that comes with photocards so...)”

Jenny’s pick: Mediheal Sheet Mask ($10)