The 9 Sheet Masks I Keep Buying Again and Again

For bad breakouts

This has been my go-to pimple-fighting warrior mask for years now. In my darkest, worst moments, when my skin is suffering from serious cystic or under-the-skin hormonal acne, this mask has singlehandedly saved me. If you, like me, have dry or sensitive skin, you know that tea tree can be a bit drying. This mask, however, is not. It imparts all of the amazing anti-inflammatory, redness-reducing benefits of Tea Tree, without sucking up any of your skin’s precious natural oils. It’s seriously, seriously good at reducing the size of any angry zits. And if you’ve picked at your face, this mask has a unique ability to calm the whole situation down. If you’re having a bad breakout week, feel free to use this two, or even three, nights in a row