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November's Best Skin-Care Launches Will Make You Rethink Your SPF Habits

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November's best skin-care launches are here to remind you of the importance of using sunscreen all year round — even during the fall and winter — with new SPF options from EltaMD, Good Molecules, and Naturium. After all, snow and ice reflect UV rays, raising your chances of sunburn. Also, you should be protecting your skin from the sun even when you're inside

SPF aside, this month's complexion newness also brings tons of new cleansing and blemish-busting options to the table thanks to some of our favorite brands, like Mediheal, Perricone MD, Charlotte Tilbury, and Hero Cosmetics. Need something that tackles both tasks at the same time? Check out what Zitsticka and Then I Met You just dropped. 

If you're not one for spoilers, keep scrolling to find out all the details on November's best new skin-care launches below. As for this month's makeup and hair-care releases, I won't give you any hints, but we've got you covered on those too. 

Mediheal Madecassoside Blemish Pads

Mediheal Madecassoside Blemish Pads

Madecassoside, for those unfamiliar, is a derivative of cica that gently quells the angriest of breakouts with its anti-inflammatory properties. Swipe on Mediheal's Mediheal Madecassoside Blemish Pads, which are made out of eco-silk, whenever you feel some pimples brewing. You can even let a couple cling to the areas where you need extra help for a bit like a makeshift sheet mask to really reap the benefits. If blemishes aren't an issue for you, the K-beauty brand also came out with treatment pads for calming, hydrating, and firming.