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Is Your Skin Stressed? Here’s How to Deal

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According to New York City-based esthetician Sean Garrette, “Some signs of a stressed skin barrier can be: redness, inflamed skin, severe dryness, dehydrated skin, irritation and itchiness, stinging or burning sensations when applying products, increased breakouts, and overall dullness to the complexion.” He continues that “the skin reacts this way to stressed-out skin because the skin barrier is very resilient but also delicate. If you’re using products or are manipulating the skin with too many treatments, the skin won’t have time to heal and repair itself. The skin barrier needs nourishment and hydration to function at an optimal level.”

If You’ve Got Dry Skin

Aside from cleansers and moisturizers though, Garrette looks towards lightweight hydration. The Mediheal Baobab Soothing Moisture Serum is a top pick of his, too. “This powerful, yet lightweight, serum drenches and comforts dry, stressed skin with intensive moisture. It includes five different forms of ceramides, eight different types of hyaluronic acid, baobab, which is an antioxidant amazing for and soothing and calming the skin, licorice root extract, panthenol, cholesterol, and multiple forms of peptides.”