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I look like Meghan Markle, and here's how I get her glowy skin

Ever since Meghan Markle became ultra-famous, I’ve had friends and strangers tell me that I look like the former Suits star. One thing I love about the comparison is that Markle, like me, has a natural-looking approach to beauty. She is the queen of the messy bun, the princess of freckles, and the champion of lip gloss! I love all these aspects of her beauty routine, but one of the things I love the most that I hadn’t been able to achieve (until recently) was that coveted Meghan Markle glow.

In a recent interview with HelloGiggles, her go-to makeup artist and BFF Daniel Martin told us how to get a regal glow. “Before applying makeup I like to use Mediheal's NMF hydrating toner that’s like a makeup magnet, so it’s great to use if you don’t wear a primer and want that hydration. Then, I use a lightweight and water-based serum—I don’t like to layer on too many skincare products before makeup, because after several hours of wear it tends to separate from the foundation,” says Martin, explaining that skincare is what’s ultimately going to get you that glow.