How to Care for Sensitive Skin (According to the Experts)

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A woman applies a serum, another woman holds up sheet masks, and a third woman applies moisturizer.
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Of all the different types a person can have, sensitive skin is probably the most difficult to take care of. If your complexion is prone to sensitivity, you’ve likely experienced adverse reactions to certain products. But it doesn’t have to be that way; we asked the experts for some advice on how to avoid irritating sensitive skin.

Caring for sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a trial by fire that results in, well, your face feeling like it’s on fire! We spoke with Dr. Hadley King, dermatologist, and Karina Sulzer, esthetician and founder/CEO of Skin Gym, Skin Camp, Youth Haus, and PaintLab, about the best things you can do for your sensitive skin.


Which Ingredients Are Best for Sensitive Skin?

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After you simplify your skin care routine, you’ll want to pay closer attention to the ingredients in your products. King said moisturizers are key, and there are three key factors to look for when you choose one:

  • Humectants: Like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, these are low-molecular-weight ingredients that can bind water to your skin. This means it will draw in more moisture and stay hydrated.
  • Emollients: These include squalane and ceramides, which help repair your skin’s moisture barrier, as well as smooth and soften your skin.
  • Occlusives: These include petrolatum and beeswax. They form a barrier over your skin to seal in moisture and prevent water loss.


You might also want to switch out your cleanser. Look for a gentle formula that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Also, make sure it doesn’t contain any potentially irritating ingredients, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. King recommended Dove’s Beauty Bar and Body Wash.

Sulzer recommended hyaluronic acid and peptides for keeping your skin moisturized. The latter are amino acids, and they can do everything from locking in hydration to strengthening the skin barrier. Sulzer also said it’s a good idea to throw in a sheet mask every now and then for a quick boost of hydration.

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