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Hair Sheet Masks Are the Coolest Way to Deep Condition

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We have a confession. We love sheet masks. It’s a downright obsession. What started off as a category solely devoted to the face has expanded to almost every part of the body. We’re talking everything from the neck to hands to feet to breasts and even elbows. Now there’s actually a whole segment devoted to our hair. Basically, we’ve reached peak sheet mask. But hair sheet masks are definitely worth adding to your sheet mask repertoire.

While facial sheet masks actually look like paper-thin sheets, their hair cousins more closely resemble shower caps or headwraps. They usually rely on the steam from your shower to work their magic. But the benefits are just as impressive. Whether your locks are suffering from post-heat styling damage, a lack of moisture or overprocessing, these hair masks can certainly help. Plus, they’re super easy to use. You simply cover your locks for a certain amount of time, massage the leftover formula into your strands and then rinse.

Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack, $29.50 for 5 packs at Amazon

Give your lackluster locks some love with this hair mask. Protein-packed goat milk and collagen work together to make your hair silky and shiny. Its heat effect formula opens hair cuticles for the product to penetrate better, leading to luminous locks.