13 Korean Beauty Products We Love, From Masks to Lip Balms

2020 has been a year focused on improving myself, which involves time and dedication to self-care. And when I think of self-care, images of beautifully packaged products, tropical scented creams, and gold face masks automatically come to mind. Serums, cleansers, lip balms—you name it, I’m obsessed with anything that will make my skin feel luxurious—especially during or after travel—and, in turn, make me feel great inside and out. So naturally, Korean beauty products are what I defer to when looking for new skincare treatments. 

Known for an emphasis on achieving glowy, glass-like skin, K-beauty first went mainstream with its 10-step routine which involved layering serums and lotions. If that sounds overwhelming, though, you can incorporate bits and pieces into your own morning and nighttime routine and still see results. Below, some of the best Korean beauty products to spruce up your skincare routine—and to stash away in your Dopp kit on your next trip.