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Ocean masks



Beyond the vast waters lies the secret to extraordinary skin. Instantly harness the energy of the ocean in a sheet mask with our new Ocean Black Collection. These charcoal sheet masks perfectly hug the skin with ocean love packed with marine derived ingredients. Dive deeper to find the treasures for your skin.

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Sea-Derived Natural Ingredients

Artic Ocean
Hawaii Deep Ocean Water
Antarctic Glacier   
Northern European Coast

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Charcoal Radiating Black Sheet

Bamboo Charcoal Sheet
Bingchotan (Oak) Charcoal Sheet
Coconut Tree Charcoal Sheet

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Mediheal Incore Complex

Corchorus Olitorious Extract
Hiviscus Esculentus Fruit Extract
Edelweiss Extract
Magnesium Chloride

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Ocean Black Aqua Serum Mask

Give your dry skin the extra loving moisture it craves. This ultra hydrating mask emulsifies the skin with Deep Seawater, Blue-Green Algae and 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid for an instant glow.

Our Bamboo Charcoal sheet hugs the skin with ocean love to deliver intensive hydration packed with nutrients and energy from the sea. Beneath 200 meters of the Hawaian ocean, awaits the most pristine, clear seawater rich with replenishing minerals and trace elements. This mask, energized with the purest marine ingredients will leave your skin silky, radiant and glowing.

Key Ingredients
Deep Ocean Water | Moisturizing
Blue Algae | Antioxidant
Hyaluronic Acid | Hydrating

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Ocean Black Pore Ampoule Mask

Say goodbye to problem pores. Loaded with natural ingredients derived from the sea, this charcoal sheet mask tightens pores and helps fight environmental aggressors that harm your skin.

Tackle pore concerns in just 10 minutes with this triple defense aid. The milky essence sinks into the skin to tighten, hydrate, and leave your skin smooth and flawless. Our Binchotan Charcoal sheet is loaded with Pink Plankton to hydrate depleted skin, a complex of 17 Amino Acids to tighten and minimize the appearance of pores and the super antioxidant Astaxanthin found in Iceland's Arctic Sea to help fight skin-damaging environmental aggressors.

Key Ingredients
Pink Plankton | Hydrating
Amino Acids | Pore Tightening
Astaxanthin | Antioxidant

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Ocean Black Soothing Water Mask

Say hello to calm, balanced skin. This soothing mask instantly cheers up fatigued skin with Antarctic Glacier Deep Seawater, Tea Tree, and Cica.

10 minutes is all you need for happy skin. Our Binchotan Charcoal sheet is infused with a light-weight, watery essence to instantly soothe and calm troubled skin leaving it clear, balanced and revitalized. Deep beneath the Antarctic Glacier, a glycoprotein flourishes in the ocean waters. Nature-derived marine ingredient increases hydration and helps strengthen skin's natural moisture barrier. Deep moisture coupled with calming benefits of Tea Tree, Cica, and Mugwort benefit fatigued skin to look more healthy and vibrant.

Key Ingredients
Antarctic Glacier Deep Seawater | Moisturizing
Mugwort | Soothing
Tea Tree | Skin Balancing
Cica | Soothing

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Ocean Black Toning Gel Mask

Amp up your skincare routine with this all-in-one skin prep mask. Nordic Peat Water and Black Pearl brought from the sea to your skin coupled with Niacinamide makes this mask in a sheet just a little more special.

Whether your skin needs some boost or you're prepping for a special night, this luxurious gel mask takes skin from dull to radiant after just one use. This sheet is made of Coconut Charcoal soaked in a unique blend of ingredients from the sea that will surely leave your skin supple and glassy smooth. Peat Water absorbs excess oil and sebum and Black Pearl smoothens uneven skin tones.

Key Ingredients
Peat Water | Absorbs excess oil
Black Pearl | Boosts radiance
Niacinamide | Helps even out skin texture

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