Bae Suzy, aespa, SNSD Yoona Selected as 'Prettiest Beauty Muse' by MZ Gen

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In a survey conducted by Allure Korea, only two top-notch visual K-pop idols and a group entered the list for the "Prettiest Beauty Muse" selected by MZ Gen.

On January 19, the beauty, fashion, and women's magazine Allure Korea announced the result of a survey under the theme, "Who's the Prettiest Beauty Muse?" The respondents are from MZ Generation, those who are millennials (1980-1995), and Gen Z (1996-2010).

Incredibly, the fourth place didn't go to an individual, but it was secured by a group! "Rookie Monster" aespa was selected by MZ Gen as "prettiest beauty muse" with 13% of votes.

aespa, comprised of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing, is the brand ambassador of Mediheal, a global cosmetic brand that is loved for its "It Girl" material image. In particular, due to their visuals and influence as models and ambassadors, the quartet is consistently appearing on the Top 10 of Personal Brand Reputation of girl groups.